If you’re interested in a free, initial consultation you may contact us by completing the information on our CONTACT page. We will then email you a very detailed assessment form which will allow us to make an assessment of your chances for a visa.


We can provide the following services:

  • determine which visa you will require;
  • provide you with a checklist of the documents and information you need to provide in order to support your visa application;
  • advise you on any English test you may be required to take;
  • assist you with your skills assessment;
  • develop a strategy toward permanent residency if you will be on a student or temporary visa initially;
  • provide continual updates on the progress of your visa status; and
  • help you make the move.


As an experienced international business lawyer, I am very familiar with issues involved in the sale or purchase of a business and the need for business to get things done efficiently.

I can advise you:

  • if you own a business and are looking to sponsor an employee and have them move to Australia to work for you;
  • if you have a business overseas that you would like to move to Australia;
  • if you want to invest in Australia; or
  • if you are a senior executive of a large company and want to move to Australia.


I’ve worked in some of the biggest law firms in the world in New York City and London and those experiences have taught me a great deal about how to conduct a successful job search.

Unlike many migration agents we can provide a curriculum vitae (CV)/resume and job application advice service.  Having an outstanding CV/resume and job application letter are vital to obtaining an interview and we would like to assist you get a job as soon as possible.


We can help you or put you in touch with people who can assist you with the following services once you are ready to make the move to Australia:

  • getting started on finding your new home in Australia;
  • making the move;
  • setting up bank accounts;
  • managing your money and foreign exchange transactions;
  • organising health insurance; and
  • finding schools.


Once you are ready to apply for citizenship of Australia we can help you with that too.  It is important if you are staying in Australia to get your citizenship since it gives benefits that permanent residency does not.


If you would like to have a free, no obligation discussion, go to the CONTACT page and send us your contact information.  We look forward to working with you.