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Australia is a beautiful, vast country with unique plants and animals and everything from hot, dry red deserts where the land stretches to eternity to tropical rain forests and cooler climate areas with gentle green hills.  You can ski in the winter in some States, or swim and surf all year round in others.  Australia has more beaches than any other country in the world!

Many people have their own home, with a big backyard, their own cars and a high standard of living.  Melbourne and Sydney are routinely included in the annual lists of the “Best Cities in the World” to live in, for good reason.  You’ll find crisp, clean air, fabulous food and wine, easy-going friendly people, a vibrant arts culture and a very strong sporting life.

Australia’s economy has been strong for some years now and has continued to have low unemployment during the global financial crisis.  World class education and a healthcare system for all add to its attractions.

Whether you like big city living with hip cafes, restaurants and bars and a vibrant arts scene or a more laid-back, quiet pace, you can find it in Australia.  It’s an enormous country, about as big as mainland United States and 50% bigger than Europe but with a small population of about 22 million people.  About 45% of people are migrants or the children of a migrant.  You only have to look at the variety of foods available in restaurants and supermarkets to see that Australia is multicultural.  British migrants have always made up a large number of those moving to Australia but there are also many Greek and Italians, Polish, Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Philippine, Dutch, German, Chilean, Russian , Lebanese and Turkish migrants too.  There are also people from many other countries moving to Australia to study, work and live.

The Federal government is the national level government and its Department of Immigration & Citizenship is responsible for visas for travellers and migrants.  There are six States and two Territories, each with their own government.  Please go to the Menu where you’ll find more information and helpful links on each State and Territory.

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