I learnt to swim in the surf at a beach on the Gold Coast when I was a child.  For many Australians, Queensland is a holiday destination as it is for many overseas tourists.  The Great Barrier Reef, World Heritage tropical rainforest, stunning white sand beaches, gorgeous islands and the remote far north make up some of the great natural beauty of Queensland.  On the Gold Coast, there is Sea World, Movie World and other family attractions.

Queensland, the second largest State in Australia by area, is also a popular destination for migrants due to its year-round warm climate and rapidly developing economy.  Tourism is a big industry, as well as mining with Queensland being the world’s largest exporter of coal.  Other big business and industry areas include information technology, biotechnology, food and agriculture, aviation and manufacturing.  High salaries can be made, particularly in the mining industry.

Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, is located on the Brisbane River and has undergone enormous development in the past few years.  Summer time sees purple blossoms on the jacaranda trees and scarlet red flowers on the Poinciana trees.  Most homes have a mango and avocado tree in the backyard.  Traditional style Queenslander wooden homes on stilts can still be seen everywhere.  This style of house lets cool breezes circulate in this hot climate.  Located one hour from the coast you can live the city life in Brisbane but go surfing at some of the best beaches in the world just an hour away.

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