The triangle below the State of Victoria and at the bottom of Australia is Tasmania, Australia’s island State.  Having a mild climate and pristine environment enables Tasmania to produce some delicious cheeses, scented honey, fruits, wine, beef and seafood.  Many of these products are exported all over the world now.  You haven’t dined well until you’ve tried King Island cream on dessert!

You can enjoy the beauty of all four seasons in Tasmania but winter here is still mild compared to winters in the Northern Hemisphere.

In Tasmania, you’ll find incredibly clean air, a small, friendly population, amazing natural rainforests and coastline, and World Heritage sites like Franklin Dam.

About 40% of Tasmania consists of national parks.  In fact Tasmania has several World Heritage sites that make up 20% of the State, so you’re never far from breathtaking views and wildlife.  No need to worry about the Tasmanian devil though, they are not that scary and are rarely seen.

Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, is a small city and easy to get around.  It’s also very historic as it was the site of early European settlement.  Hobart is seen around the world because the famous Sydney to Hobart yacht race, which starts after Christmas, finishes there.  This city also has many art galleries and an excellent university.

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